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At Arizona Reproductive Institute, we embrace all families. We are proud to offer the most modern fertility care within a warm and caring environment.

For Aspiring Parents

We believe in offering personalized treatment with the most modern fertility care available.

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Preserving Your Fertility

Letting you choose the right time to build your family, through our egg freezing services.

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Proud to serve the greater Tucson area and beyond

At Arizona Reproductive Institute, we know that becoming a parent is one of life’s biggest moments. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of building a family. 

Our reproductive institute in Tucson, Arizona is ready to provide personalized, compassionate fertility care, inclusive of any age, gender, or situation. Our team of fertility specialists and physicians is committed to helping you realize your dream of building a family.


Why Choose Arizona Reproductive Institute

We know that embarking on the journey of fertility care is a big decision.  We are proud to be here to help you every step on the way to achieving your goal of becoming a parent.

  • A Caring, Comprehensive Approach

    At Arizona Reproductive Institute, our team of nurses, physicians, and laboratory professionals consider patient care a united effort involving advanced technology and expertise.

  • A Personalized Treatment Plan

    We know that when it comes to fertility, the family-building journey is as unique as you are. Our board-certified fertility-care team believes in working closely with each family to achieve a treatment plan tailored to your needs and situation.

  • Pursuing the Latest Reproductive Technology

    Scientific advancements in fertility care are always evolving. We know the importance of researching and launching the most cutting-edge scientific advancements to best serve the needs of each patient.


Your Financial Path to Parenthood

At Arizona Reproductive Institute, we believe that everyone deserves to be a parent without financial barriers. We also know that the financial investment of seeking fertility treatment can impact your  decision-making process. We are proud to offer partnerships with fertility financing specialists, Bundl Fertility™, LendingClub, CapexMD, and Prosper Healthcare Lending.

Bundl allows you to customize your treatment package while taking the financial stress out of the process, so you can focus on family-building. With Bundl, multiple fertility treatments are combined into a single package, providing you with a reduced, upfront cost. Additionally, Bundl protects your investment with a risk-protection plan if treatments are unsuccessful.

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Arizona Reproductive Institute is a proud member of The Fertility Provider Alliance, an organization of more than 450 reproductive endocrinologists, lab directors, practices, and affiliated networks from across the United States. FPA believes in expanding access to quality reproductive medicine and reshaping the way fertility care is practiced. 

The Fertility Provider Alliance represents tens of thousands of patients who have come together to ensure expanded access to care, the highest-quality fertility services, and a voice to advocate for our patients.

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Proud Member of the Prelude Network™

Arizona Reproductive Institute is proud to be part of the largest network of fertility care centers in North America, The Prelude Network.

Through The Prelude Network, our fertility center in Tucson can offer patients in Arizona the latest in cutting-edge technology along with a world-class reproductive team, committed to helping you become a parent.

We’re dedicated to helping you grow your family, whether you’re ready to start now, or one day in the future. Whatever you decide, we are here to guide you on your journey.